A Public Statement From The Irish Republican Brotherhood. Devastating News


A Public Statement From The Irish Republican Brotherhood.

Devastating News …
The Irish Provisional government have been in consultation with a Canadian company called Acadian Sea Plants.
Acadian Sea Plants have bought out an IRISH Company called “Arramara”.
Arramara is 100% State Owned “Udaráis Na Gaeltachta” (owned by the Sovereign People of éire) who will grant Acadian Sea Plants a licence/permit to mechanically strip our coastal NATURAL RESOURCES “Seaweed” all along the West Coast of éire. Effectively granting themselves a fictitious licence!?
We do not Approve this sort of Action.
Everything about this is Wrong.

From the beginning of time, our Indigenous People have been harvesting this amazing plant for many health benefits.
It is a Natural food source, containing Essential minerals and trace elements, such as Iron, Calcium, Iodine, Blood purifying Chlorophyll, Polysaccharides, Electrolytes. It is a heavy metal cleanser and essential for proper Brain function and lowering of blood pressure.
It is 20 times more Nutritious than land based plants and is packed with Magnesium, Selenium, Bromine, Vanadium, used in treating Diabetes, Heart disease, Tuberculosis, Syphilis, Anemia and water retention, Edema.

There are over 500+ species of Seaweeds known to these Beautiful Shores.
We need this Natural Resource and ‘Living Forest’ for many good reasons.
Erosion of our coasts will also affect top soil in regions close to shore.

Seaweed is also crucial for Carbon recycling and with our Natural Carbon recycling gone our Carbon EMISSIONS Will be through the Roof!
Therefore, we will have to Pay more money for EXTRA Carbon tax which should have been Recycled by Our Seaweed.
In essence we will be paying a Canadian company to take away our Seaweed and we will suffer the consequences.
Financially and yet again selling off our Natural Resources WITHOUT Our Consent or Approval!

Here is a snippet from the Scottish Report on Mechanical Harvesting of Seaweed…
“Seaweeds and seagrasses play a key role in marine and coastal ecosystems.
Some are able to modify the environment (i.e. “ecosystem engineers”) and support high levels of marine and coastal biodiversity. As primary producers, they are also critical for supporting food webs which in turn contribute to fish and shellfish productivity.
The importance of seaweeds and seagrasses in ecological functioning is recognised
by the fact that they are used as indicators for assessing the ecological status of
Water Framework Directive (WFD) water bodies and are included in a number of
nature conservation designations.
Seaweeds and seagrasses also provide a number of ecosystem services, including
natural hazard protection and climate regulation. Kelp forests and seagrasses are
known for their capacity to weaken waves and reduce currents. Beach-cast
seaweeds provide nutrients to dune habitats which in turn stabilise local sediments
and contribute to coastal protection. In terms of climate regulation, seaweeds and Carbon Recycling.”
There is a website report on Mechanical Harvesting, A Report from Scotland, Taken in 2016, And Gives a Detailed analysis ..

We urge All the Sovereign groups to Pull together and to Protect the Future for our Children, our Eco System, our Coasts, our Habitats for species of Marine life: Fish, Crabs, Lobster, Clams, Otters and so many other species.
The Community Groups, Environmental Groups, sea watchers, the common man and woman going to harvest: the Sovereign People can see the Common Sense that
1. The natural Resources belong to the Irish People Alone and is not up for sale to anyone.
2.The Irish Republican Brotherhood president William (Billy) James McGuire is the only one who can Issue a legal, valid and bonafide Licence.

They have NO RIGHT TO SELL OUR SEAWEED. Our natural resources belong to All the Sovereign people of The Sovereign Republic Of éire, claimed annually for and on behalf of the Sovereign people at noon on the 21st January since 1919 by the IRB AND clearly Stated in Our Sovereign Constitution of 1919 “The land of Ireland belongs to the People of Ireland and to them alone”.
Will you Recognise it and Demand for it to be Implemented?

If anyone wishes to leave a comment or get in touch please feel free to do so.

Roibeard MacGabhann,
Ast. Secretary:
Irish Republican Brotherhood