A Proper Moan (the Constitution, the Government, Irish Water & Voting)

Get Out

By Collective Ireland

The Constitution is the contract that allows your government to rule your country. Read it.

Where, in the management of this state on behalf of the people by successive governments is the evidence of Prudence, Justice and Charity?

Article 1 of your constitution asserts your right to choose your own Form of Government; it asserts your right to decide the political, economic and cultural direction of Ireland. Article 1 endows you, the citizen, not just with power, but with great responsibility.

Article 5 reminds us what we are constitutionally protected to be – Sovereign, Independent and Democratic; all inalienable rights trampled on by the E.U. the Troika and the governments we’ve elected.

Article 6 protects the people from exploitation, misrepresentation and betrayal by the political opportunists and business interests we’ve allowed to rule. Their behaviours have blighted generations of Irish families and communities. Article 6 is broken. It does not work.

Article 9 of the constitution speaks of Fidelity and Loyalty. Fidelity to the nation is the very reason you protest. That successive governments have failed to display loyalty to the state they manage on your behalf gives you the cause to protest. Remember always, you are right. You have been lied to and stolen from by those to whom we, the people, entrusted the state.

Article 10 is still Up For Grabs. Your vote allows you the chance to make sure your hands grasp it first.

The government, by its treachery in arranging and accepting the bailout, by burdening you with close enough to half of Europe’s bad debts, by its collusion in the continued enforcement of austerity, by its prioritisation of debt repayment above all other affairs of state is in Direct Contravention of Article 11 of the Constitution of Ireland.

Article 12 jumped off the fence crying “no constitutional basis” despite the fact that Article 13 gave him the power to, at the very least, call a truce.

Article 15 in all its glory reminds us that those we allow to govern have at all times the power to change Ireland in a way beneficial to all.

There are a lot of Articles that I’m quite sure the government has been trying to ignore, so having read them I’ve decided to follow suit and jump all the way to Article 45. I like Article 45.

Article 45 specifically states that there should be no Wealthy Elite; by their very behaviours, successive governments have contravened Article 45 while lying to the nation about their motives for bowing at the feet of external greed. Article 45 has failed us miserably.

Those we allow to rule have either enabled or become themselves that Wealthy Elite. We must use the next election to banish the lingering stink of irish civil war politics from the irish political landscape.

All politicians are preparing for an election year. An election is the contract between citizen and state that allows government to rule.

The party system denies you effective and honest representation. By its very nature, the party system always puts organisation before representation, affiliation before constituency and party before people. Always. It is the Party System that accepted austerity. It is the Party System that enforces austerity.

Allowing Fianna Fail, Fine Gael or Labour any route back into government would be a tragic error that will hallmark our generation as sheep being led by crooks, willingly participant in our own exploitation. Now is the time to remember that the greatest trick of governance is that those who rule know best. Show them that this trick no longer works on you.

Know better.

Keep your vote safe from exploitation by opportunists and profiteers and make an informed decision to affect real change. A government of representatives produced and mandated from within constituent communities will always reflect the opinions and expectations of the nation as a whole. Such a government may then, in power, be allowed to formulate a mandate for government as dictated by the people. The abolition of the Party System is the only way to ensure effective representation for you, and your communities, at a local and national level. Government should reflect the aspirations of all communities not repress or impose upon or exploit communities.

Strive for a better Ireland with the same dignity, integrity and commitment you’ve displayed in the struggle against this latest instrument of austerity. When the canvassers dangle the carrot of false promise and compromise, beat them with the stick of Irish Water, because in your hands Irish Water might unintentionally save the day.

The water charge is an imposition on the victims of austerity, enforced by the rich to repay a debt forced by successive governments on all the people of Ireland, regardless of status, circumstance or class. The Water Charge and the establishment of Irish Water are the tools by which the government will tax the most vulnerable in society. When this government lets us eat some bread in the run up to the election, do not forget that they are stealing our water.

By not allowing your water to be metered, by not returning an Irish Water Application Pack, by gathering in your hundreds of thousands you exercised your rights beyond all expectations of the state. You protested as individuals, and as communities, and you protested well. So well that you’ve already protested a government driven by greed all the way to a backtracked 60 Euros and embarrassed them into a rescheduling of the project’s viability test.

We are now moving from protest to resistance. Protest is how you express discontent. Resistance is the only way to make them listen. A mass boycott of the unjust water charge will see it revoked and cause the disestablishment of the business entity that is Irish Water.

A victory for the protest movement will show those still sitting on the fence and those drowning in despair that the people of Ireland are not as powerless as the government allows them to believe.

Then there’ll be an election. And you will make an even bigger contribution to the story of this country.

Join the protests. Join all the protests.