A People’s Forum

peoples Forum

By John Fairclough

There’s a change that is a coming,

It’s a slow but certain truth.

There’s an energy that’s flowing

And there’s standards taking root.

No more the Irish people

Will from government accept

The lies, the cheating, cronyism

From a system that’s inept.

We may not have all the answers,

But we surely have a plan.

They think that we can’t do it,

But we’ll show them that we can.

Although we’ve different backgrounds,

May not all the time agree,

The goals we have in common

Will unite us, wait and see!

The road is long with little time

But we need to put a stop,

And start to change the system,

From the bottom to the top.

I know it won’t be easy,

And our conscience might be torn,

But look out over Ireland and see,

A terrible beauty has been born!