A People’s Forum is formed by the people

A peoples forum


Last saturday in Hotel Castlepollard where a group gathered to try find solutions to the massive problems we have facing us as a people and a nation collectively. Everyone has something they want to contribute, this is an attempt to find four or five non negotiable issues at the next election. We as a group will back candiates signing an agreement to deliver these with the people in return for our vote.

The Peoples Forum will be meeting again shortly

Solutions – A People’s Forum – Objectives

To change the system we must offer solutions.

The solution is to put together a People’s Charter for government which will be presented to politicians/candidates as the demands of the people

The first thing in creating a People’s Charter is to decide which issues need to be resolved.

We need to do this by including voices from as many parts of society as we can engage.

The list of issues needs to be well thought out and we need to be very specific about what we want to be done.

This list could be endless and there could be overlaps the Charter needs to be realistic and workable

By discussing and debating the principles we will be able to determine their validity for inclusion in a People’s Charter for government.

We fully appreciate the significance as to what we are trying to do so, with that in mind, we recognise this cannot be achieved in one day / one assembly.

Therefore, this initial assembly will begin the process of discussing, agreeing and setting realistic objectives will allow real achievement and progress.

Everyone attending will have a vote on the inclusion of the discussed principle in the People’s Charter

The forum is open to all interested parties

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