A Letter Arrives: What to do when the bank says they are passing your file to legal eagles…

Bank intimidation letters

By Finbar Markey

So a letter just arrived in your hallway. You know it’s from the bank. Your heart jumps a little, but you are getting used to it now. You open it up and it looks different. A quick read says something about “unsustainable”, “legal departments”, “voluntary surrender”. Your heart’s now pounding and you feel dizzy. STOP!! BREATHE!! LISTEN!!

Banking correspondence is designed to intimidate you, to make you feel like all is lost and that you should hand in the keys and walk away quietly and thankfully. If you’ve read our other articles you’ll know by now that if you start to write to the bank and decide to defend your home with the help of the National land League, you will remain there for at a minimum years, and if and when our strategy succeeds, forever.

Now that you know you are not going to be out of your home in a month or two, please focus on the following. If the letter you received states that they want full payment or they are moving matters to the legal department, and that you are beyond the protections of MARP, that is called a demand letter (it may not necessarily be a final demand yet). Our advice, in tally with our national strategy of advantageous delay, is to seek re-assessment at this stage, to get back into MARP.


To achieve this you must write to them informing them of a change of circumstances and the requirement for re-assessment through a Standard Financial Statement (SFS). If you have not had any communication it might be advised to begin by stating that you have contacted an advisor who has advised you of this route: namely cooperate in seeking an amicable resolution satisfactory to all concerned parties. The bankers and their legal teams are aware that Judges don’t look favourably on Plaintiffs that refuse offers of out of court negotiation and cooperation.

Posted below is a template letter in response to the bank notifying you that they are sending your file to their legal team. Be aware that this letter is only aimed at gaining more time. In the meantime our strategy is to freeze their systems whilst we agitate outside of the courts for across the board mortgage write-down for all. To make this happen, join the National land League of Ireland for free.

Please personalise as required….


F.A.O – Name of Bank                                                   Home owner address
Name of Legal Firm                                                       Date
Re: A/C number (  )
To whom it may concern,
We write regarding your recent correspondence in which you convey your intention to transfer my mortgage account file to your legal team/representatives into the future. Firstly, we would like to express our disappointment at your intentions, bearing in mind our continued communication with you. 
Addressing the matter of transferring our mortgage file, we wish to inform you that there has of late been a change in our financial position. This being the case, and it being a substantial period since you last requested we complete a Standard Financial Statement (SFS), we request that you forward the same for immediate completion and return.
It is our desire to address the arrears on our account and return to regular payments. We expect that you also wish to come to an agreeable resolution of these matters. We await an SFS in the post with anticipation,
Kindest Regards, ____________________
(Name of Homeowner)
Source : http://nationallandleague.org/arrears-supports/37-a-letter-arrives-what-to-do-when-the-bank-says-they-are-passing-your-file-to-legal-eagles