A critique on an RTE conditioning broadcast


By Noreen Briddigkeit Quinn

“IF YOU ARE GOING TO SAN FRANCISCO, BE SURE TO WEAR SOME FLOWERS IN YOUR HAIR” – was playing in my inner favourite songs of all time record collection as I sat down to watch “Transgender Kids” on RTE 2 last night. The 1960’s was MY time and a time where change at all levels was very much in evidence. I had also mentally prepared for it by refreshing my memory on Sigmund Freud’s 5 development stages of childhood – another development psychologist, Erik Erikson, added two more stages and Jean Piaget defined 4 stages of intellectual development. These are experts that psychologists everywhere call upon daily in their work.

What they all have in common is; that each development stage depends on the success or failure of the previous stage and is determined by the encountered life events. I also was equipped with my knowledge of the various types of Conditioning. Conditioning is best illustrated on a dog’s salivating when it hears or sees you opening the Cookie jar. In the beginning it would have been the cookie that got the juices flowing, but soon the Dog learns to anticipate the Cookie ahead of time and begins to salivate (Pavlov 1904).

With all this in mind I sat down to watch the much advertised (drumming up of interest) documentary on RTE2 on Monday August 3rd 2015. I also had the list of TUSLA guidelines as to what constitutes emotional and physical child abuse at the fore of my thinking. I was wondering how many children would be still up and watching the programme (conditioning) and how many young adolescents were locked away in their rooms watching something that might cause emotional upheaval. I say “locked away” deliberately, because that’s where many young people spend a lot of time. They are in a stage of transition from childhood to adulthood and in the process of “finding out who they are” parents are often “in the way” at this time.

After 45 Minutes of Sebastian versus Camille, Cole versus Crystal and Daniel versus Nikki, I started asking myself if I hadn’t missed my true identity when I was 5 or 6. I remembered playing “Holy Mass” with the neighbour boy and sometimes I was the priest. I also remember being Robin Hood and a horse. I had never heard of Louis Theroux before and I must say I could soon clearly see the reason he never came to my attention. The poor man was completely out of his depth. I wonder will this be his breakthrough. I doubt it. Children as young as 5 were filmed in what should be a protected space – the home – pursuing activities they may well regret later in life. I saw a multitude of professions, doctors, plastic surgeons, psychologists and all their assistants making a living to not only satisfy a growing market but to help create a market. I saw and heard a young lad breaking down after a year of female hormone ingestion and a lifetime commitment to medication. He, who is now a she, is no longer quite sure if he made the right decision at an age when most adolescent just begin to search for their true identity interestingly, one mother related how her boy first broached the subject of transgenderism because she was watching a documentary on TV when he came in from school one day.

Now, not everyone has heard or is aware of subliminal messages. Mum watches TV maybe just to “educate” herself on an issue that would have shocked her some time back but is now becoming the norm and can even become a reality in the home. She doesn’t want to appear intolerant and accepts that the unnatural is in actual fact natural. Does that seem familiar? It all started with the first scandalous silent movie kiss and progressed to promiscuity on the big screens and we grow with it (if you can’t beat them join them and sure what’s the harm) or diminish as an Individual with a strong moral belief system (all depends on your perspective) Independence is hard to maintain. Our soaps are supposed to be a reflection of society but in actual fact, what we frequently see in a soap is subsequently adopted in society. “The Media” shapes society much more than we think. Which brings me to the real reason I am doing this review: We are slowly but surely being indoctrinated to believe that gender will no longer be relevant, that it’s irrelevant whether man marries woman, woman marries woman or man marries man. Consequently, it will be irrelevant whether a child has one parent 2parents of the same gender and accordingly the children can also switch gender at any time and switch back again if they want. Some of us always suspected that our national print, audio and TV media had a hidden agenda and THEY WERE RIGHT. RTE has always been the Propaganda machine for Government – but it is becoming more blatant the more their tentacles take hold of our lives and decisions. We are inundated with information that only affects a miniscule percentage of the population. This was the case in the run up to the “Children’s rights” Referendum – recently it was the case in the lead-up to the “Gay marriage” Referendum and now the Transgender and Abortion Agenda is being pushed. We have politicians sharing their sexual preferences, publicly funded newsreaders “coming out” and members of the celebrity socialites calling for “tolerance” all to fulfil a societal requirement imposed on us from foreign agencies. We foolishly then consider ourselves “Experts” ALL THE WHILE, AIR AND TV SPACE IS CONSISTENTLY DENIED TO INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS WISHING TO REPRESENT TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE (that’s a sacrilege) LOVING PARENTING WITH FATHER AND MOTHER OR THE PROTECTION OF THE UNBORN CHILD AND/OR HIGHLIGHTING PARENTAL ALIENATION (which is now a crime in 2 Countries).

To summarize, the children in Louis Theroux’s Documentary were abused right in front of our eyes and nobody screamed out STOP! They were put on display for the nation, including all the deviants and paedophiles hidden away in Irish society – often masquerading as the “Lovely Neighbour”. All children transition through various stages of development and can’t irrevocably decide anything until they have reached full adult maturity. There ARE NO preventative measures and parents MUST (in my humble opinion) first be evaluated for mental disturbances before embarking on a social engineering venture that concerns their precious children. In fact this Louis Theroux looks like he needs a spot of counselling too. WATCH OU FOR CONDITIONING THROUGH RTE (ALL IT’S OUTLETS) IN THE COMING WEEKS AND MONTHS – chip chip chip… feigned empathy is an AGENDA (remember Ivan Pavlov – Nobel Prize Winner) YOU ARE NOT BEING EDUCATED – YOU ARE BEING CONDITIONED.

By: Noreen Briddigkeit Quinn. Noreen Briddigkeit Quinn is a broadcasting journalist with Alethia Internet Radio and Belturbet Erne Community Radio and has a background in Counselling, Psychology and Nursing.