According to the leader of the Irish nation “Ireland is the best little country in the world to do business.”
What Mr Kenny should have said was that Ireland is the best little country in the world to dodge tax, it is a place where our elderly get abused by the people who are meant to be caring for them, a place where the caring of people with mental disabilities is used as a bullet point by politicians when in reality mental disabilities are yet another reason to store away the elderly.
Ireland is a place where the young are violated, abused and then exported to faraway lands while the old are victimised and forgotten. Ireland is a country where homeless people can die a stones throw away from where the overpaid and under qualified elite, battle it out over parliamentary procedures and who has the better poll ratings.
In Ireland the people constantly hear about “reform of the political systems” and “learning from the mistakes of the past” when in truth what happens is a repeat of the sins of the past and a raft of useless guidelines about politicians’ mobile phone expenses.
In Ireland there is a Fianna Fail party that believe the odd apology for wrecking the country will suffice. A Sinn Fein party that constantly need to avert the peoples’ gaze to the future as their past crimes are too serious to apologise for. A labour party that sold their soul for power and a Fine Gael party that wanted power so desperately that they ended up promising the world without the skills, backbone or experience to deliver it.
Ireland is a country that sits on the periphery of Europe but finds itself to be the centre of every European joke. Ireland sidles up to the powerhouses of Germany and France hoping to pick up what scraps they are prepared to drop from their table. Like an old dog Ireland sits and waits for someone to tell it how great it is.
Irish politicians do deals to save the countries children from a life time of debt they had nothing to do with yet when the country’s brokers leave the room it is clear the other nations’ leaders are just sniggering at them.
Ireland is a country where the people that died to save it from tyranny can’t even be remembered properly 100 years after they paid the ultimate price. It is a country where ministers bound into press conferences announcing 40 new beds for the homeless as if they just came up with this previously unthought-of idea.
Ireland has a media that is obsessed with what other countries think of its games, its comedians, its history, its culture and its landscape.
It is a country that cares more about what Sharon Ni Bheolain’s stalker was up to than what she has to say on the news. Ireland is a country that stops for three hours of a toy show every year yet not for 10 seconds when a homeless person raises a cup for some change.
Ireland is a country where the release of yet another of Bono’s extravagant productions gets more air time than the hundreds of suicide victims that felt the country couldn’t save them.
Ireland like all countries has its positives but after watching Prime Time last night it is difficult to see what they are. Ireland has yet again let its most vulnerable people down. It has yet again shown that it is prepared to cut loose those who can’t contribute enough to the state’s coffers. If last night’s story had generated cash to the local economy then it would probably be ok.
The Irish nation is collectively aghast with what they say on primetime yet out of all the reports and comments, people have avoided saying what most of the nation thinks. Ireland is not ashamed of what happened in Swinford, it is ashamed because it was Irish people that did it. If this was a collection of Nigerian or eastern European “CARE WORKERS” then the nation would have someone to blame. The fact that it was people that sound Irish, look Irish and act Irish is what hurts here.
Ireland needs to respond to its poor standard of political representative, it’s less than average governance, its useless HSE and its raft of quangos that suck the country dry without providing anything constructive for the nations people….

From Diarmuid in Mallow