A brief history of Michael Martin, Imagine he was in Fianna Fail since 1985

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By Revolution Republic Ireland

A brief history of Michael Martin, Imagine he was in Fianna Fail since 1985.

I bet Michael’s really hungry, no actually starving for a grip of the reins, I’d say it’s more of a sense of entitlement.

” I’ve Been Waiting 30 Fookking Years For This ” Look ” I’m Losing Me Poxy Hair ” Ha,ha,

Michael has the skill set of a School Teacher having worked for one year as a school teacher before becoming a career politician. (Must be an Enda fan)

Honestly, how can we trust this man & have faith in his party considering he was actually sitting shoulder to shoulder with the biggest, most corrupt politicians this country has ever seen? (that is of course leaving out this current lot)

Here’s a list of some of the most prominent corrupt Fianna Fail politicians that dominated the late 80’s all the way through to recent times and there’s a hell of a lot more that just never got caught !!

Charles Haughey, Bertie Ahern, Charlie McCreevy, Liam Lawlor, Francis O’Brien, Colm McGrath, Ray Burke, PJ Mara, Beverly Flynn, Denis Foley, John Ellis.

If you actually had principles, would you stay associated with such a party?

I do not believe he could have been involved in that circle of people without being aware of what was going on in his party.

If he was not aware does that suggest he’s stupid and not actually fit to lead a country?

Food for thought.