£8bn bonus for Goldman Sachs bankers who helped create world financial crisis


Goldman Sachs has revealed an £8.3billion pay and perks bonanza that means staff will receive an average of £245,000 each

The Mirror reports Angry politicians promised that the fatcat bankers who brought the world’s economy to its knees would pay the price for their reckless blunders.

But there was more fury yesterday as investment bank Goldman Sachs revealed that its staff will have earned £8.3billion in wages and perks.

It averages out as a massive £245,000 for each worker in the last 12 months.

But thousands of the top traders and deal makers, many of them based in Britain, pocketed much bigger amounts.

Some payouts run into seven figures at the company which was also slated for the large profits it turned over in the botched sell-off of the Royal Mail.

Reports claim Karen Cook – Goldman Sachs’s boss in Europe – could bag a bonus of up to £10 million when figures are revealed in the next few days.

– Source: http://yournewswire.com/8bn-bonus-for-goldman-sachs-bankers-who-helped-create-world-financial-crisis/#sthash.CUQWL4y0.dpuf