Private capacity versus Public capacity

Note ; There are two ways you live your life, one as private sovereign man/woman, and another as a public person. Here’s a short explanation of the difference between the two.
A sovereign man/woman lives in their “private capacity” possessing unalienable rights and properties.
However they may volunteer to act in a “public capacity” granted revocable privileges and benefits which are the mere civil rights of an artificial legal person.
Governments incorporate (form) artificial legal persons of many kinds by registration, presuming a franchise benefit to the State’s legal society. (Remember the State is a registered private business)
Legal persons include: citizen, resident, inhabitant, driver, individual, taxpayer, voter, elector, and owner. They are servants, transmitting utilities, debtors, decedents, or incompetent wards of the State.
Whenever people “act” in a “public capacity” as “public servants” they are accountable to the State if they fail to perform their role as contracted.
Whenever people “live” in their “private capacity” as “private sovereigns” they are accountable in Common Law if they cause harm to any living soul or their property.
If you “act” in the role of a “legal person”, you are crossing the line into the lower world of the legally dead, and surrendering your unalienable rights as a living soul.