97 Orders for Possessions of family homes will be made at Roscommon Courthouse on Monday next, 16th March

 This was 50 but has now been updated to about 97 family homes.. 
We have been notified by the Secretary of Land League West that approx. 97 Orders for Possessions of family homes will be made at Roscommon Courthouse on Monday next, 16th March at 10:30am at the Registrar’s court.
Land League West has planned for a priest to attend at 10am where an altar will be laid out in front of the court and a decade of the rosary will be said. This will be a momentous occasion as it will be the first time that a priest has agreed to publicly demonstrate support in favour of preventing evictions. On previous occasions when asked for support they have refused or failed to lend support. In the late 1800s and early 1900s many priests were to the forefront of the campaigns to prevent evictions – one notable one was Fr. O’Flanagan who was based in the Sligo area and was a formidable campaigner in the 1900s (an ancestor of our current MEP Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan).
Garda permission/clearance has been obtained for this. The Press have been invited to attend.
This is to be a dignified occasion and all are asked to attend and give their support. As always we also ask those of you who are familiar with the court process to come along as we never have enough knowledgeable people in attendance to deal with all the queries on the day.
It is scandalous to think that these applications will be made the day before the feast day of our National Patron Saint; Saint Patrick. How ironic that on a day when families should be celebrating this special occasion that instead they may have to worry about finding a new home for themselves. These are ordinary decent families from the West of Ireland and we need to show them that they are not on their own, that there are people around them that understand what they are going through and that they can reach out to others for help. 
What a way for our Bankers who have been bailed out by the people of Ireland to treat our own people.We ask as many of you that can to come along to support us in our endeavours on Monday. We need everyone’s help.  Every one counts. So get yourselves along there and support you fellow country men and women.
Those wishing to attend just turn up or can contact Gerry on 0862190609 or Email gerryob77@live.com