50% increase in milk production mirrors the madness of the building sector

Irish farming

By Sean Gallagher

The hype that the Irish public are presently subjected daily from Public relation experts in many government departments,the expense also evident in the Irish water debacle is now happening from the Department of Agriculture.

The abolition of milk quotas has been the Que for this delusional stance of forecasting a massive increase of stock in the beef sector and now the Dairy sector by an increase of 50% milk production mirrors the madness of the building sector only seven years ago.

We have the ridiculous claims that due to the effects of climate change in the southern hemisphere less food will be produced to feed an increasing population. Therefore Paddy can provide. St Patrick is obvious going to protect Ireland from the effects of climate change and the perfect opportunity to exploit the misery of others and add to it!

When are we going to learn that this type of thinking adds to the destruction of our fragile planetary system and our children will curse us for it

Climate change affects the jet stream which in the past kept our climate relatively stable but now all bets are off. We already in the past five years have experienced weather shocks. It was only lately that the green isle had to import thousands of tons of fodder to feed our farming stock driving some farmers to the point of suicidal behavior. It will also effect everyone as in the discredited practice of purchasing carbon credits the public once again will be asked to fork out for.

Farming based on the business ethic of the market is questionable at any time but when climate destruction is seen as a marketing opportunity we should start questioning our morals.The present government is driving this mad agribusiness plan even when the land is already overstocked and what happens when the grass is not there when expected.,what then ? Do these people not know the limits of our planet?

We have to factor in the environmental cost into our food,the limits of exporting it and basically get real