25% Sale of Aer Lingus is the sale of the family silver


Direct Democracy Ireland General Secretary Anthony Connor has urged the Government to Approach with caution, its proposed sale of the people’s 25% stake in Aer Lingus, Its bad for Workers, Passengers and Ireland as a whole.

Direct Democracy Ireland have genuine concerns about the Governments cave in, and that the 25% (€1.4Billion) takeover could ultimately cost Ireland money in the future and that any assurances given by either Aer Lingus or the Government offers no real guarantees to address any concerns, for the staff of Aer Lingus, there are genuine concerns on compulsory redundancies if this deal goes through along with the inevitable erosion of terms and conditions in the restructuring of the company!

And for The Labour Party to support this, is further proof the have lost any semblance of a working mans party, The Family silver is been sold by The Government and for what, to keep their masters in Europe happy, Surly this is a decision that the people should make and under a Direct Democracy System that is exactly what would take place. Transport Minister Paschal Donohue stated “All relevant parties were consulted and the coalition believed selling up was the best idea” in that statement Minister Donohue made a false claim, they did not consult all the Relevant parties.

The People were NOT consulted.