2015 is not about survival but about making Ireland ours


By  The Hub Ireland

2015 but why:

If you don’t know your history, you are bound (compelled) to repeat it: 2000/1 the Banks were given the keys to the sweetshop, contrary to belief; bank staff are not on high wages, just big bonuses! So through 2001 to 2007 they gave money out like confetti and who would refuse it. Up until then Ireland had struggled through different types of strangleholds: Ireland was primed to gorge on giving our families something we did not have.

The trap was set and the Central Bank just looked on, why? They were / must have been part of it; knowing we would stand here in 2015; on the brink of Ireland being a nation of renters.

So lets look at our most resent history: most people were walked into the most radicalise loans on Earth, seriously what in your right mind were you doing?
We were being ‘me’, trying to better myself and my family, the day I signed away my innocence is something my grandchildren will still be paying for!
In all of the above the only thing missing is the truth, it was a trap and a trap well sprung, that is the truth of the matter.
So the banks gorged on our new loans, securitised the hell out of them: Over Securitised / Collateralised them and when the plug was pulled, the well designed and orchestrated plug; Ireland took a dive, head first.

So the interest to the Bond Holders stopped and all was not well as more and more lost their jobs, but surely the Government would step in and save jobs, ply the money into the economy, seems simple. No; the government decided to saddle Ireland with a bailout bondholder debt: compound the problem with a short fix that the Troika imposed, one must ask why?

Entrapment of a people’s and a grand social experiment “lets see what happens and roll it out, if it works”, well it worked, 1% will survive.

So lets jump back and simplify things: give the fat boy the keys to the candy store (bankers), entrap 98 % of a nation and then spend the next 5 years shafting them.
It all boils down to what Honohan said at the Dail committee meeting, we have quoted the contents a few times but the bottom line is You / Me / We; will be owned and will be a nation of renters. Taxes will be, in total, at 92% and most but the elite and civil servants will survive, the rest will be renters (ah Civil Servants; a nation that has more than it’s fair share, but they are needed to make the plan gel).

All resent taxes / charges are to do one thing; entrap us, I can’t understand why such a small Island is under the limelight and wanted by so many………….. we could, without Europe, be so happy, so self-sufficient and so much on the international markets: in our own right. “ah shit, just worked it out”.

You / Me / We; were walked into the biggest trap ever seen this side of neverneverland, farms that have been in the family for generation = hundreds of years, family homes passed down over four or five generations, mortgage free until the banks threw a shed load of money at a situation that could never be paid back, knowing that the trap was set.
Listen very carefully: the deck was marked, the sting was set, look at all the changes from 2001 to Alan Shatters bill of 2013; we rest our case; fast-track to hell………

The Courts, being the whole judicial system, is corrupt, the receivership is wrong and corrupt, the banking sector is wrong and corrupt, local councils are corrupt, local councillors just look after their job, same with independents…… last and by no means the bottom ……..but the top ‘our government and the independents’

What in 2015 are You going to do about it, lay down or change it. Forget the bit about “would I get into trouble”. You’re in it.!!!!!!!!!

2015 is not about survival but about making Ireland ours.

Now is the time, what are you going to do about changing your life, we at the Hub have done our best and if you look to the top of our fb page; it says “self help group”. After a strategy meeting in Kildare today (before the madness tomorrow) the Hub-Ireland will evolve into whatever is needed to say “ it’s time, now”, in 2015, to get off our arse’s and make an impact on our own lives, on our own country !!!!!!

Its Time !!!