By Land League West
We have been notified by Land League West that approx. 200 Applications for Orders for Possessions of family homes will be made at Castlebar Courthouse on Monday next, 23rd March at 10:30am at the Registrar’s court.
It must be embarrassing for the Government and the Taoiseach in particular to realise that such a high number of application will be made in the Taoiseach’s home town of Castlebar Further, we only have to look back at this time last year to see that our Taoiseach got approval from the ECB in Frankfurt to proceed immediately with 6,000 evictions and a further 40,000 by the end of 2014. We are now seeing the fruits of that approval. 95 applications this week in Roscommon, 200 next week in Mayo, it is not going to stop unless we the people of Eire stand up and call a halt to these applications by banks to throw people out of their homes.
These applications are contrary to Section 133 of the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009. The Registrar/sheriff is ignoring this legislation but we must point out to all parties that what they are doing in these courts is not only morally wrong but also lawfully wrong.
Sadly we have come to expect such behaviour from our Bankers. This is a dreadful way to treat the very people who have helped to bail them out of their own financial predicament.
We ask as many of you that can to come along to support us in our endeavours on Monday. We need everyone’s help. 
Further, UTV TV will have a camera crew present as they are making a documentary at the moment on the issue of indebtness and the resulting court process. They will be anxious to get the views and opinions of as many people as possible.
As always we also ask those of you who are familiar with the court process to come along as we never have enough knowledgable people in attendance to deal with all the queries on the day.
Please circulate this alert to your group(s) and publish on as many Facebook/websites as possible.
Thanking you,
The Land League.