2-5 Suicides in Ireland everyday


By Anthony Connor

In Ireland Suicide is on the increase, it is estimated that there are around 600 suicides annually and is the leading cause of Death for Males under the age of 34. More than 3 out of every four people in Ireland know someone who has died by suicide.

Around 1.4Million people die by suicide each year worldwide. This figure is higher than the combined numbers of people who die by Murder and War. It is also higher than the number of people who die in road traffic accidents. It’s now at crisis point and we need to act now, we need better support and services to help people with suicidal thoughts. Every single one of us will experience tough times in our lives and its important to reach out especially in these tough economic times when live can be a struggle.

Anthony Connor General Secretary of Direct Democracy Ireland and a suicide intervention officer with SOSAD stated that “For many people who feel suicidal, there seems to be no other way out, they feel they cannot cope anymore and are a burden to others, But Suicide if often a permanent solution to a temporary problem. He went on to say the Government are far to reliant on Voluntary organisations and ignore the seriousness of the issue, without these invaluable origansations like Sosad Ireland, The Samaritans, Aware, Teen line, Childline, Living link, Console, Reach out, SpunOut, and many more we would we be in even worse situation. Our Governments failure to put proper funding into Mental health is causing lives on a daily basis and its no longer acceptable we ask that all cuts be reversed and better focus on our citizens well being.

The Ruthless banks and their part:

In my work with Direct Democracy Ireland and The National Land League of Ireland , it’s of major concern the amount of families facing eviction from their homes through no fault of their own, and this is a major cause for the rise in Suicide and Suicidal thoughts, The Banks are currently seizing 4 homes a day, and have launched legal actions against 2,788 home-owners struggling with arrears. The figures from the Central bank show various banks in Ireland have 1,588 repossessed homes on their books. But all is not lost we would urge families to Contact Direct Democracy Ireland, The National Land League, The Hub Ireland or any of the other worth while groups willing to help. The Eviction issue in now at crisis point and we need decisive action. We need to the banks to be realistic and we need the government to act in favour of the people. Because when these families become home homeless it’s the taxpayer who is obligated to care of them while the banks yet again ride off into the sunset.