hungry children

Food poverty is on the increase for the 5th consecutive year and it’s the The Legacy of Fine Gael/The Labour Party Government, who has failed to meet the issue head on. Direct Democracy Ireland General Secretary Anthony Connor Stated this week that we need more widespread availability of breakfast Clubs, Children arriving hungry at School affects children’s behavior and moods, and it impacts on their ability to learn and enjoy interactions with classmates and teachers, and if hungry children aren’t given support to thrive it can also have a knock on effect on the wider community.

33% of Adults worry about their weekly food Budgets, 53% of Teachers are reporting Children arriving hungry at school and 77% of teachers have also said that the numbers of pupils without enough to eat has risen in the last year, forcing a large number of Teachers to carry extra lunch packs with them to feed the worse off pupils at their own expense.

Some Parents are struggling to provide enough food for their Family and are know sacrificing their own meals to ensure that Children are fed. These are some of the realities of poverty that professionals working with vulnerable families have been exposing over recent years. “Our Government could have made better decisions about the cuts it made and how it spent the money it had, so children didn’t suffers disproportionately,” and this crisis among children will continue well after any economic recovery. ”Out of the 41 countries surveyed, 18 managed to reduce child poverty despite the economic downturn. The increase here in Ireland is the fifth worst, in a list topped by Iceland and then Greece.
“This is about what the Government has prioritised; what it has seen as valuable and important. And that leads you to the question of why?” Why hasn’t the Fine Gael/The Labour Party Government dealt with this very serious issue, in reality its clueless or just point blank refuse’s to face the up its obligation to our Children. Direct Democracy Ireland have are calling on the Government to take their heads of the sand and wake up to reality. The so called economic recovery is a myth for struggling families.