Which right wing party will RTE support to retain their license fee

RTE lies van
RTE lies van

By Janette Laffan

I would guess that there are huge rows going on been the powers at RTE and the powers that work for government. RTE know, the power of the people and are now realising that after ‪#‎irishwater‬, it will be their necks on the line.
RTE know they’ve quashed and twisted the truth over the years. They know there are people such as the Says No groups that have tried to highlight this truth.
Now they see that what they dreaded has happened, enough people are awake now and the truth is oozing out all over the place. And people are gradually becoming aware of how they’re being fooled by our media.

They’re confused as to who to give their airtime to, as we’re awake to FG. They’ve tried to damage SF so much so that SF does not trust them. They can’t bear to give it to the left such as SWP, PBP, AAA etc £)(as these would possibly get rid of the licence fee). So I am guessing they will push for FF. They think we forget.

They’ll be all over the place now trying to win over the protest movement whilst trying to save their license fee by getting FF into government.