Joan Burton KIDNAPPED under the gaze of gardai


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By June Kennedy

Amazing ….?….? Joan Burton kidnapped under the gaze of gardai and the gardai now agree. But yet no one bothered to call the hostage negotiation team, or even knew it was happening.

Sure the silly gardai thought it was a lawful annoying sit down protest. Hmm and then the gardai, having watched and filmed them for 2 hours, watched the nuisances walk away. For the next 3 months they scratched their heads having been told by Joanie and her friends that these were no ordinary protesters, but dissidents and ISIS supporters.

What should they do. Maybe round up a few and show Joanie how brave they really were. So a force of 6 to 10 gardai set off to arrest each Kidnapper …… after all these ISIS dissidents were a canny bunch, hadn’t they disguised themselves so well on the day even the gardai themselves were fooled into thinking they were protesting legally.

Having taken them to the station they discovered these dissidents disguise could not be broken, they remained as innocent lòoking as they did on the day.

Ah well maybe now Joanie wiĺl be happy they tried, maybe she will forgive them for not negotiating her release, and sure if she isn’t altogether happy cant she call her friend the DPP and see if he can get them to help drop the legal protesters disguise.

Who would have thought 100,000s+ dissidents rambling around ireland disguised as ordinary citizens. Sure anyone seeing them would see the same. Isn’t she a wonderful woman all the same, she knew she was kidnapped when the top trained gardai and protection squad didnt. An amazing woman altogether