Everything you need to know about ReNua Ireland revealed on day 1

Lucinda Creighton

By Paul Madden of The Dissident Drum

 So we’ve had four years of Fine Gael led austerity, a Fine gael that Ms Creighton was a member of and as Minister of State for European Affairs was the champion of all things Europe/Troika/Frankfurt in the most right wing fascist political regime in the country’s history.

And today Creighton reveals for the first time the name of her new plaything, ReNua Ireland.  Astutely avoiding a launch on April 1st, she has unwittingly provided the country with a nonetheless spectacular Friday the 13th moment: a glimpse that the addition of yet another right of centre right party in Irish politics means the nightmare of austerity is set to continue with renewed zeal.

With our health system approaching a state of apocalypse; our education system which has been one of the major lights in our history under threat; evictions of securitised homes by anonymous absentee landlords not seen since the 1870’s; homelessness in Dublin up by 40% in only 8 months; one in six children at risk of poverty in the 21st century!!; children with serious illness or terminal conditions denied medical assistance by the state; an emerging low-wage labour “market” which should more accurately be called a labour “trap”; corruption, abuse of office, tax evasion and all manner of crime covered up by the State and the criminals protected and shielded by political influence, what has been the VERY FIRST PIECE OF POLICY revealed by Creighton?

More business for the banks!

That’s right, Creighton’s number one priority, the first thing she has on her agenda in addressing the state of the country’s woes is to help the banks to be able to provide loans to people with no jobs to buy things they can’t afford and a zero-risk repayment system whereby the banks get their profits directly from the State coffers.

Well, I guess she really wasn’t kidding with the whole “Reboot Ireland” thing then.  The banking system failed … when a system fails, you reboot it.With Kenny it was “First: the best little country in the world to do business” – with Creighton it’s obviously “First: the best little country in the world to do banking”.Creighton’s weak launch is a testimony to the dearth of real intellect among our politicians.  When ReBoot was launched previously it was announced that the party was seeking donations (handouts) of €1 million … without a single piece of policy or even ideology to stand behind.  Basically the pitch was “POLITICAL PARTY FOR SALE” … with the policies being “formulated” in return for donations and presumably the patron’s agenda given priority in direct proportion to the amount of money proffered.

Apparently a long way short of her €1 million war chest Creighton has launched ReNua without the help of even basic PR guidance … otherwise she wouldn’t have made “Easy Bank Loans for the Unemployed” her first piece of policy.

Creighton is a disappointing affirmation that even amongst the younger members of the political system there is a monumental void of reason, nouse, logic and creative thinking within the halls of Gangster House.

She is not the new generation of politician … she is simply the offspring of the dinosaur generation.

She has shown herself on day one to be just as out of touch and disconnected from the real world as her political father, Kenny.  Where has she been for the past 6 months?  Obviously NOT talking to irish people suffering under her FG austerity policies.  Obviously NOT walking the corridors of our war-zone hospitals.  Obviously NOT speaking with water meter protesters actually finding out WHY they get up at 5am to peacefully demonstrate against the imposition of an unjust tax.

She has most likely been spending her months in Europe, glad-handing her EPP buddies and looking for support from the REAL policy makers for Ireland, selling herself as the new face of Euro-Sycophancy.  She has no doubt been telling the corporate giants who hold the strings of Brussels that she’s ready for the job should Kenny decide in one final act of betrayal to the Irish people before the next election to take his seat at the EU Council table as reward for protecting their interests.  Creighton’s message to Europe is most certainly “the show will go on”.

When you think about it, a (new-)blue shirt politician like Creighton behaves exactly to type with her new party launch.

  1.   Create a catchphrase for the media to run with : Reboot Ireland.
  2.   Come up with a party name with a bit of gaelic in it to appeal to nationalist (even republican) tendencies, but with a “new-vision/renaissance” slant to appeal to the liberal progressives: ReNua Ireland
  3.   Invite people to join up (and donate …. the’re looking for a handout of €1 million) … without declaring any policy positions which might piss off potential large investors.
  4.   After the launch, begin to outline vague policy positions based on the unwritten understandings of your new patrons, making sure they are easily negotiable in the context of coalition.
It’s all just the same old game, the same tired formulaic vacuum – no substance, no true ideology, no vision, no creativity, no hope.There won’t be any surprises from reNua Ireland I’m sad to say, because on day one they’ve already started on the back foot with a launch from which they may never recover.  Lucinda Creighton may be a minorly astute politician, but she’s no Harriet Houdini.Jog on, Lucy … you had your shot.